May 17, 2007

Stylish inline commenting with LineBuzz

Comments in blogs is becoming the most desirable ways to communicate and debate with the author and other readers. In this web 2.0 era, there are many sites that takes comments seriously. Recently, we wrote about commentful, a tool to get noticed when somebody replies to your comments in blogs.

LineBuzz is a new web tool that enables the users to comment 'inline' in any blog. Yesterday we integrated their script into our blog to test it. It didn't work at the first go. Today morning, we had a virtual chatting session (that is, talking over inline commenting in linebuzz blog) with Mark of linebuzz. He is a super active guy and he replied to our queries super fast and helped us fix the problem. Thanks Mark.linebuzz
What is linebuzz?

It is a tool to comment inline on any blog and in any browser. To enable the inline commenting, Blog owners and web publishers need to install a small javascript into their template.

How does it work?

Readers can select (highlight) part of an article and post comments for it. When you highlight a piece of text, you will get a new small window that gives you option to comment on that particular text you highlighted. Users can reply to that comment and practically, it will become like a instant forum. It has a capcha included in it, so spammers are blinded. This is so cool. You can test it here in TechnoPark itself.


Can be used to point mistakes on a specific part of a big post. Can be used to annotate. Can be used to explain a particular phrase by the author himself.


Can become messy when comments pour in. It may take time to load when more comments are there. As far as I know, the author has no control over comments placed. It should have been there.

Verdict: Good service. Scope for improvements.

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