June 15, 2007

Can you identify this person? We all must.

tim berners lee
Without this person, we would not be able to meet online as we are now. Tim Berners Lee. The founder of Internet. He founded the Internet in 1991. Started as a small communication medium, Internet now rules the world. Some of the few activities of our daily life: Email, Browsing, Messenger, Chatting, Blogging, Newspaper reading, Magazine reading, Interactive Games, Live TV, Live Radio, Videos, Earning, Matrimonial, Ticket bookings, Education, Love, Dating, Conference, Free voice calls, Business, Finance, Share trading and the list goes on and on and on...

oh my god.....

Can we live without Internet?

The News:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee joins an elite group who have received the honour from the Queen for exceptional contributions in arts, sciences and other areas.

Let us salute Sir Tim.

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