June 2, 2007

Review - MasterSeek Business Search Engine

masterseekMasterSeek is a new business search engine. It is the most largest B2B search engine in the world. The whole idea of this new search engine is to create contact between the customers and the buyers. MasterSeek gives data such as contact information, locality, description of products among others for FREE. As on September 2006, the engine had indexed more than 45 million companies from 75 countries. That is awesome.

How is the performance?

When we tested its performance by searching a specific term, it produced good no. of results. But still, there is scope for improvement.

We contacted 3 random companies from the search results. Data of all the three companies were accurate. We tested by calling their phone and sending email. So, data accuracy is good.

What will make them no. 1?

Having indexed millions of companies, the real challenge for them is to update the data regularly. The phone no. and email are ever changing. Let us see how this search shines in the long run.


Verdict: Good.

This is a sponsored post. But the opinions are of the author. The sponsoring company or MasterSeek have not, in anyway, influenced the opinions of the author.

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