May 31, 2007

A Hilarious way of online cheating

When I was browsing a site that relates to travel and recreation last night, I was redirected to a site called

I followed that link and first thing that caught my eyes is the RED warning message from SiteAdvisor in my FireFox browser.

Though it is normal for SiteAdvisor to flag bad sites, I was surprised to see this 'org' site being flagged. I was curious to know what was bad about this site. When I saw what SiteAdvisor had to say about this site, I couldn't stop laughing. The reason, SiteAdvisor tells to flag this site bad is really funny. I am not saying SiteAdvisor is reporting wrongly. What made me laugh is the ways people find to cheat online!!

Now, see what SiteAdvisor says about the site:

Goodness Gracious me!!! "Trying to sell you something which is free!!!"

I am using SiteAdvisor for quite sometime now and found it to be pretty accurate.

I wonder if anybody paid for something that is available for free. Be careful folks. We may be buying our own house, car, etc soon!

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