July 24, 2007

The inevitable happened. iPhone Hacked.

iphoneNew York Times has reported that a team of computer experts have hacked iPhone. The experts say they could hack the iPhone in 2 ways.

1. Through a WiFi connection
2. By tricking the users to visit a site with malicious code in it.

They say, once the hole is found, they were able to have total control over the phone.

The hack, the first reported, allowed them to tap the wealth of personal information the phones contain.

New York Times adds:

Dr. Miller, a former employee of the National Security Agency who has a doctorate in computer science, demonstrated the hack to a reporter by using his iPhone’s Web browser to visit a Web site of his own design.

Once he was there, the site injected a bit of code into the iPhone that then took over the phone. The phone promptly followed instructions to transmit a set of files to the attacking computer that included recent text messages — including one that had been sent to the reporter’s cellphone moments before — as well as telephone contacts and e-mail addresses.

This is the first of many many more iPhone hack to be followed!!

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