July 26, 2007

Online Backup - These two tools make a great combination.

The traditional custom of believing Hard Disk for storing important files has been proved insecure. The habit of storing files online has grown drastically from the last 2, 3 years. There are tons of sites and tools available for this task. Choosing a best site is a tricky job.

The first thing that come in our mind is the reliability of the site we use. After testing many sites and tools all these years, we at TechnoPark, are using two tools constantly. Let us explain it.

1. GDrive.

This is a shell extension for windows. This tool helps us use the massive storage offered by GMail. We have earlier reported about this tool. Read here:

How to use Gmail space as Hard Disk Space

For practical usage, it is awesome. It is smooth and seamless. Works like an angel.

2. DriveHQ

DriveHQ.com is a great service for online storage. It offers 1 GB free space for every user. That is more than enough for many real time users. Registration is free. What makes this service worth is the File Manager tool they offer for free. It is an amazing tool. Everything about the tool is so good. Take a look at the screenshots:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Both these tools are added in the context menu of Windows. It makes life easier. Just a right click. That is all you need to do. You will have a backup seamlessly in two reliable, online services.

Download links:

GMail Drive Shell Extension


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