August 6, 2007

New form of Image verification is coming soon

HIPImage verification process is not new to netters. The irritating, ugly distorted texts may be history soon. Microsoft is researching on the Image verification technology (also called 'Human Interactive Proofs'). The problem with the existing technology is that, it is getting old and hackers are starting to tweak their codes to fool the HIPs.

So, how the future HIP may look? May be like this:

catYes, you may be asked to identify the object. Cats and dogs will be appearing in online registration forms soon.

Again, hackers may soon find a way to by-pass this kitten technique (!?!) if the system doesn't have enough number of images to rotate (may be a million)

The research is not going to end there. They may be showing us small video clips as HIP!

Source: Kittens Could Solve Spam