July 11, 2007

iPhone specific Digg Beta is ready.

iphone-diggDigg founder Kevin Rose has announced that Digg is available for iPhone. In his blog, he writes:
"Last weekend Joe Stump, Daniel Burka, and I sat down and white-boarded the Digg iPhone app. I told Joe if he coded it in 48hrs, I’d buy him an iPhone. Needless to say, he got it done (nice work, Joe)"
Point your Safari browser in iPhone to digg.com/iphone

These are some of the features currently available:

* Native iPhone-like story scrolling
* Mini permalink pages with top 5 comments
* Login and Digging
* Pagination
* Jump to any topic

Features Coming:

* Top Stories (24 hours/7 days)

The thing one must understand is that the normal Digg.com site can be accessed from iPhone without any hassle. But this special version is lite and easy to use with iPhone.