July 1, 2007

You know what... iPhone does NOT support 64 bit Windows

Ridiculous. What else can we call it? Apple released videos, documents and all possible presentation ways to publicize their smooth, seamless sync abilities with windows systems. But they have intentionally put this piece of important info in shadow.

When users tried to work around their iPhones in Vista, they got a message that only Steve Jobs can interpret. The point they want their customers to understand partially is that, iPhone will not work with 64 bit Windows systems.

After the huge no. of complaints, Apple made a point that, it has been mentioned in the document. I tried to find out where it was. I needed a magnifying glass to find it. Here is the screenshot of the documentation:

iphone-vistaclick to enlarge
My Apple friend asked me this:

Does iPhone has 'Made for Vista' logo?

Well, This is a question that should be shot at MS. :)

What you say?

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