July 2, 2007

How to search original science videos? Use ScienceHack

ScienceHack is a new search engine dedicated to science videos. It is still in alpha phase. But it is out for general public.

What makes this search engine unique?

Every video is screened by a scientist or an engineer to verify the video's accuracy and quality. Well, a huge problem with mainstream videos like YouTube, Google videos or Yahoo videos is that the videos are not authenticated.

What ScienceHack actually does is, it aggregates videos from other video sites and get it verified by the experts. This way, the authenticity of the video is somewhat fulfilled. But still, I would have been happier if they provide information about the expert who verified the video. So that we can communicate with him for further clarification.

Some of the interesting videos i liked:

A full-scale earthquake experiment

The Size Of Planets and Stars to Scale

Chill A Drink In 2 Minutes!

Users can submit videos they find interesting and scientific. Currently they have not indexed much videos.

Over all, this search engine has the potential to become the preferred spot for science enthusiasts.


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