August 28, 2007

iPhone hack no 2. This time, by a teen!

We had written about the iPhone hack last month. In one months time, the iPhone has been hacked for the second time. This time the hacker is a 17 year old teen. Welcome to the club mate!

Here is a full report by CBS News:

iPhone's Network Lock Hacked By Teen

Highlights of the hack:
  • The hack lets you use the iPhone with carriers other than AT & T.
  • That includes overseas operators too! Woww.. what a hack :)
  • The hacks needs both software and hardware skills. Means, soldering and software alterations.
  • The hacker has put the new version (!?) on ebay for sale. The bid was more than $2000 on friday.

Apple may introduce an invulnerable version when it introduces iPhone to European market.