January 13, 2007

6 Tips on Buying Cell Phones Online Securely.

Are you planning to buy mobiles online? Smart decision. Make sure you are not a victim of any online scam. You can make a good Online deal if you follow some basic rules. Here are 6 tips for best Online shopping experience.

1. Make sure your computer is secured:

It is the most important thing before you start any online trading. If your computer is infected with spyware or virus, your private data like passwords, Credit Card No, etc. may be stolen. There are many free and premium antivirus and antispyware tools available on net. After performing the necessary scans clean your system, if any evil is found. Using a firewall like Zonealarm or McAfee is recommended.

Use a secured browser. I recommend Firefox 2 with some security extensions. Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9 are other options. Safari is a good option for Mac Users.

2. Select Well Secured Online trading sites:

There are thousands of sites that do online trading. Select the best ones. How to determine if it is best or not? Consider these things:
  • Read 'About Us'.
  • Contact them via phone. If they don't have a phone, write them a mail and ask them to clarify your doubts.
  • Read testimonials, if given
  • Read reviews about the site at sites like InfoPlease or ResellerRatings.
  • Make sure the page where you enter your sensitive data operates on 'https' protocol. See the URL, if it starts with https instead of http, then its a secured site.
  • Look for the 'lock' symbol at the status bar. It means the site is encrypted.
  • Use McAfee Siteadvisor to verify the site.
I recommend Wirefly.com. Its a very good and reliable site for buying Mobiles online. It has a huge model list to choose from. If you are thinking to get the service of Cingular cell phones, then this is the best bet.

As I mentioned above in the tips, there is a phone no. given in the site's home page itself. You can call them and get clarified with your doubts.

3. Be aware of the service charges:

As there are many parties involved in the process, they would charge you for their services at various levels. The best solution is to call or mail the concerned parties and find out the service charges.

Select your favorite Mobile based on various considerations. Tips on choosing the correct mobile is out of scope of this article. I may write a separate article about it soon.

4. Compare the price:

After choosing the site you are going to buy the Mobile from, Compare the offer with other offers from other sites. Froogle is one of the best sites to compare prices. Search 'Compare mobile offers' in google on your local domain (Eg. google.co.uk) to get more comparison sites.

5. Before making the payment, Make these things clear:
  • Make sure that they give after sales service for the products.
  • Check out what is the guarantee period duration.
  • Make sure the product has warranty period.
  • Check out all the accessories that comes with it.
6. On Receiving the product:
  • Make sure that the product's package is not tampered.
  • Make sure that you received all the necessary documents with the product.
  • Make sure that all the accessories are there and in good shape.
When I am writing this article, I have found that Cingular cell phones has announced great offers. I am planning to grab one for myself. Select the best deal and Enjoy!

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